Anonymous said: So now I'm curious, what are the plans for the lovely "Blaine is on the bottom" banner flying around McKinley skies?

I think you know. ;)

vonhair-deactivated20130519 said: So Ryan, what are your obnoxious plans for Rachel's pregnancy scare?

Rachel is going to give birth to a lizard baby.

If you bribe me enough I’ll give your OTP a sex scene. Accepting offers now.

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*angrily hisses at Ryan Murphy*

*angrily hisses at zekeisafreak*

I originally wasn’t going to have a romantic “Quinntana” relationship, but Naya and Dianna kept begging for it!

It’s nice that they are such close, close friends.

reblog if you ship squirt (sam/quinn/kurt)

When Will is away, Finn comes to play.

I don’t know why you guys are so angry… sexual assault is okay when it’s female-on-male.

Dear Diary,

I wish I could date Blaine. Or Adam. Or… both?

From Ryan.

Brainstorming an “AU episode” where the kids are in a musical hairdressing club, instead of a glee club.

Songs include “Constant Shaving”, “New Colors”, “Ooops… I Cut It Again”, and “Blow Me (One Last Hair Dry)”.

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